RESPONSE: A God Problem

On Monday, The New York Times published an opinion by Peter Atterton, a philosopher at San Diego State University, entitled “A God Problem.” The subtitle reads “Perfect. All-Powerful All-Knowing. The idea of the deity most Westerners accept is not actually coherent.” His argument is that God cannot be simultaneously perfect, all-powerful, and all-knowing. Atterton is not the first person to ask this question, nor has he done it particularly eloquently.

The Mueller Report

Last night, Barr sent his summary of the report to Congress. Mueller had been locking at two issues, Russia's dissemination of disinformation on social media, and second the Russian government hacking of the DNC. Mueller found no evidence of collusion on either account. From Barr's report, "the special counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 Presidential election."

Why Marvel is Never Marvelous

While I enjoy seeing our heroes, I don’t feel consider any of the Marvel films truly great films. None of them are in my top 25 all time movie list, and none of them are even in my top 5 all time superhero movies. Even the good ones, like Captain America Civil War, are a great spectacle, but they’re sort on real substance.