All Hail Avengers Endgame


I liked Avengers: Endgame. It’s an eight out of ten and probably the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. But I’m unwilling to consider it the genre’s, or even the series’ best, just because it has a big battle, Tony Stark dies, and all our heroes come back to life, especially when the emotional build-up to these points is so forced. Congratulations to Marvel for having the highest-grossing movie of all time, even if it’s an ultimately unspectacular film. But I must give credit where credit is due. All hail Avengers: Endgame.

The Problem(s) With Biblical Nationalism


Hazony is a professor of Hebrew Scripture, so it would be wrong to accuse the man of not knowing what he’s talking about. But I have problems with Hazony’s interpretation and his takeaway from the experiences of Ancient Israel. Simply put, I don’t think the Scripture leads to Hazony’s conclusions, nor do I think they offer insight into how we ought to order our politics in the present day.

Supreme Court 101


Passion without knowledge leaves one easy prey for demagogues and partisan excesses. In an effort to fight this, we’re going to take a tour of the Supreme Court, more specifically the nine justices and a short detail of what makes each one distinct. I am by no means an expert, but this is a good starting point for anyone who wants to know who’s who on the highest court in the land. We’ll start at the Court’s progressive end and work right, as those terms are generally defined.

Spiderman: Far from Home Movie Review


Spiderman: Far from Home, is what a superhero summer blockbuster ought to be - enjoyable, funny, and a great time at the movies. It’s not quite as good as Spiderman: Homecoming, but it is the second best movie I’ve seen this year, and it’s the best Marvel sequel since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It’s summer blockbuster season, treat yourself to a movie, and go see Spiderman: Far from Home.

Adopt MMP

This system of voting for parties might sound strange, but it actually has a number of advantages over simple winner-take-all voting. It prevents gerrymandering... it promotes third parties... and leads to stronger political parties

Expand the House

Those districts are too big. During the ratification debates, some people actually argued that the House districts were too large given the power the federal government would have. I shudder at what they would say about districts 35 times bigger, especially when the number of representatives hasn’t changed in over a century.