Our Last Post Ever (Probably)

This blog is shutting down.

In a sense this was always the plan. When I got this domain last September, I was on a yearly subscription plan, a plan which renews in about six weeks. As I head back to school next week, it has been my plan for several months to shut down the blog at the end of August, as I was not planning on continuing into my sophomore year.

Longtime readers also know that I’ve been a lot less active this summer. While I was able to churn out about two posts every week between January and May, I’ve put out just 13 since June. This was not for lack of ideas – I still have articles in the works about Democrats and foreign policy, guns, the 2020 race, superhero movies, but mainly because I have been working nights this summer, I’ve been in a spot where I just didn’t have the time to research, write, and finalize, especially because I’m a slow writer. What I did publish felt rushed, and if I was going to do this, I was going to do this seriously. Since I haven’t been, it’s time for this blog to end.

In a perfect world I would have brought some people to write more regularly, made the website a little more polished, and hopefully use that to gain a little traction while also easing the burden on me. In part because my design skills are somewhat lackluster, and in part because I didn’t have the desire to push this that extra level, nothing every came of that idea.

While traffic has been down, I’m not shutting down out of dejection over a lack of success. On the contrary, while nothing I wrote went viral, I’ve been pleased with the traffic we received and had a lot of fun writing. I also want to brag on our incredibly record for prediction. In our two-part midterm election predictions, we called that the Senate would end up 53 Republicans to 47 Democrats (it did) and that the House would end up 230 Democrat vs. 205 Republicans (final result was 235-198). Before the NFL playoffs, we predicted the Super Bowl would be Saints vs. Patriots, which was one missed called away from being the case, and we accurately predicted the Patriots would beat the Rams in the Super Bowl. When my friend Andrew did our NBA Finals Predictions, he said Raptors in seven, and the Raptors took the series in six.

For anyone wanting to stroll down our greatest hits, this website should remain up another month until I have to take it down before the subscription renews. Maybe I’ll get bored and rant about Star Wars in the meantime. I’ll still be active writing, in Lone Conservative and hopefully in some other places. It makes me a better writer and keeps me thinking. As for the Twitter (@DK24Blog), I’m not sure if I’ll keep that open – it’s a major time drain that doesn’t accomplish anything.

Thank you to Aaron, Andrew, Brennan, and Marlee for contributing, and thank you all for the views, comments, likes, and interactions over the last several months. There’s some other stuff I’m working on, but the time drain on this blog takes away from that. Because of this, in the words of Luke Skywalker, it’s time for this blog…to end.

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