Why Marvel is Never Marvelous

While I enjoy seeing our heroes, I don’t feel consider any of the Marvel films truly great films. None of them are in my top 25 all time movie list, and none of them are even in my top 5 all time superhero movies. Even the good ones, like Captain America Civil War, are a great spectacle, but they’re sort on real substance.

Analyzing the 2020 Field

As with any predictions this far out, it's like trying to shoot a mouse in the dark. At this time in 2015, Donald Trump was still going on Alex Jones. But analyzing the energy surrounding each candidate, early polling, their notoriety, their reputations, and what's happening on Twitter, we can begin to look forward with some small degree of clarity.

Society Doesn’t Exist

Culture and context matter. However, they are extraordinary complex things that apply pressure to individuals in unique ways. When someone is so general as to attack “society”, assuming that a uniform societal pressure exists, they are oversimplifying to the point of being unhelpful, they are revealing their ignorant of specifics, or they are too lazy to be precise with their speech.

The Origins of White Identity and Racism

I am seeking to understand first, how “Western Civilization” became a distinctly Western European phenomenon, and how the form of civilization practiced by white people in Western Europe became something different from other cultures and racial groups. I then want to understand how this identity became something negative and how non-white people became seen as not only different but inferior.